Unorthodox beats for your 3-D animated pseudo-reality.

For Wealthy Relative, the flow is stream of consciousness. Phrases repeat themselves, walk back on previous statements, and pause for emphasis as if they are still in thought as the track continues to quiver, wobble, and writhe.

In between those moments of madness, devastating one liners ("You maneuver through your privilege easily, don't you?") ("I don't make mistakes no more") repeat and color his extended catalog. 

A man possessed—the overwhelming stimulus of each track toys with your head—is this really real? Can these sounds exist? Is this what it's like to be in his head? At times, Wealthy Relative is an omnipotent god in a computer world running simulations, tearing down thoughts and themes and rebuilding them as others. In the other moments, however, he shows his humanity. Anxieties seep through, clever, playful world play is sprinkled in, and beauty/belonging is found in the midst of the chaos. 

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The confluence of souls you never knew you needed until now.

A spoken word poet and a jazz student meet in an unfinished basement on a cold winter night in the heart of Minneapolis. They exchange pleasantries, profess their admiration for each others' work, and proceed to perform alongside each other. 

Instantly, it clicks. The old soul and psychedelic samples synch up to the off-kilter beats that synch up to the muted trumpet that wails over the strings of words flowing fluidly into the microphone. Through the cable dragging against the stale cement, the sound travels out the speakers and into the sets of ears peering on below the small bulbed lights hanging from wooden rafters. It's a magical chain of events.

With the release of the Baby Boy EP, the world has its first look into the mind of this unlikely duo. Meandering through genres and choosing its words carefully, the record and every performance after retains the intimacy of that night—like meeting an old friend for the first time.

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Casually Lit. Setting the vibe.

It's often been said but not entirely felt—music is both a solace and a survival mechanism. 

From living in poverty in his home country of Liberia, to living homeless without family in high school, to graduating college, Lil Kah is the definition of a self-made man. 

The success doesn't stop at academia. He can write raps, too. His newest single, "Never Alone. Casually Lit," boasts a new persona—an iteration of Kah's art with the most confidence and assuredness there has ever been. And he knows it.


There is a drive unlike any other in a self-made man. To practice what we preach is infrequent to us—for Kokou Kah, it's all he has ever known.

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Instagram: @kokoukah

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The newest project from ROCKchester graphic designer/resident gay expert Andy Furness.

Trading in the angst for house beats, Furness has reinvented himself yet again. It seems each iteration is getting stronger and more entertaining than the last.

In short, Lil Twink is the unabashedly queer icon that the world needs. Listen to his first track, 'NUT ON ME' released on SoundCloud this year and be on the lookout for his debut mixtape coming soon...

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The final performance. One for the books.

What can be said that has not already been said before? "The defining artist of a generation." "A lyrical mastermind." "His songs got me pregnant and I don't know how." Rysenberg is a man worthy of folklore, worship, and admiration.

His catalog is seemingly endless. From hits like "Rap Game Jeff Goldblum" and "4 Tha Team" to deep cuts like "Mr. I Just Took Your Thot" and "Skrt," Rysenberg's songs have encapsulated every genre known to man and almost every genre known to dog.

Life lessons such as "I never trust a thottie," "Churros sorta look like s**t," and "Roast hand // I keep it ready" ring true in all of hearts of his loyal followers.

ROCKchester is eternally grateful to be the venue for Rysenberg's final performance. We believe that this set will be not only the greatest of the festival, but the greatest musical experience of our generation.

We have been fangirling, giggling, and fainting while trying to type this.

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