ROCKchester x DMC Community Panel and Discussion


Kim norton (mayor of rochester, mn)

Kevin Miller (Rochester civic theatre)

Naura anderson (castle community)

Bekkie hart (my town my music)

hesse mcgraw (el dorado)

rosei skipper (the rochester posse)

zach zurn (carpet booth studios)

sheila dickinson (rochester arts center)

lasonya fleming (local musician)

dylan hilliker (rockchester)

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Sponsored by ROCKchester. Supported by Destination Medical Center.

The Community Arts Panel and Discussion will be hosted on Friday June 14 from 3-5pm at the Rochester Civic Theatre in the lobby area.

We are gathering strategic leaders in the arts who can be present for a discussion on how to encourage the growth of an even more vibrant arts community in Rochester and how we can further activate, support and invest in the arts ecosystem.

While there is a lot of growth in the local arts ecosystem, we are concerned about the lack of communication between artists, promoters, venue owners, entrepreneurs, policy makers, government officials and community members. This Community Arts Panel and Discussion will be a springboard for creation of such a conversation. Our goal is to learn from each other, make connections and leave with an endorsement of a shared value to INVEST IN THE ARTS in Rochester.

The Community Arts Panel and Discussion will begin with a panel discussion about the future of art in our community. Following the panel’s comments, youth from the Rochester arts community will host a Global Cafe where participants will have an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas around the same questions. We will wrap up with a final conversation where we ask/challenge those present to pledge to invest in the arts in Rochester. We hope that an Invest in the Arts campaign and initiative might result from this initial gathering.

Will you join us?